14 June 2010

All the money in the world

Yes... of course.

Hamid Karzai would lift Afghanistan out of abject poverty & misery... the same way Robert Mugabe did for the former "breadbasket of Africa"...
halls of macadamia/Because that's the way the third world usually works, right?


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-- KABUL, Afghanistan -- Two senior Afghan officials were showing President Hamid Karzai the evidence of the spectacular rocket attack on a nationwide peace conference earlier this month when Mr. Karzai told them that he believed the Taliban were not responsible.

Relations with Mr. Karzai have been rocky for some time, and international officials have expressed concern in the past that his decision making can be erratic.

Last winter, Mr. Karzai accused NATO in a speech of ferrying Taliban fighters around northern Afghanistan in helicopters. Earlier this year, following criticism by the Obama administration, Mr. Karzai told a group of supporters that he might join the Taliban.
"Houston... we have a problem."


JA Goneaux said...

Yeah, having trillions of dollars of minerals has really helped out the Congo, eh?

Neo Conservative said...

the fact is, china isn't investing hundreds of millions of dollars into african countries out of philanthropy.

the africans don't have the technology or the infrastructure to develop the resources themselves... so the various governments will end up whoring themselves to the highest bidder.

and the man in the street will continue to starve.

that's the reality of africa.