09 June 2010

It's obvious somebody's not...

...telling the truth... the question now is... who'll be the last man standing?
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Two Liberal Party advisers have sworn affidavits saying the federal party's president spoke to them about high-level discussions with NDP officials about the creation of a new party.

But Alfred Apps is denying he was involved in any serious merger talks.
Remember the last time these boneheads had to try put out this fire?
"The liberals are so screwed up, they're stabbing each other in the front."
You go, girls.


Rich said...

We are watching the death throes of the Libs.
Look for a very public implosion in the next few days.

Honey Pot said...

It doesn't matter who is lying, Kinsella will be going down for the count.

The old guard in the liberal party who still believe there is life in old girl yet, will nail his hide to the barn wall.

I am quite sure that Kinsella has no idea who he is fucking with. Crouton his hero, will hang him out to dry.

What a stupid idea, thinking that Canadians would embrace an ndp/liberal coalition. It just ain't going to happen.

You have the liberals who are good and lying/stealing, and the ndp who are good at? nothing really, except making noise. No one is going to vote for that.

Neo Conservative said...

have to wonder what set kinsella off at this particular point in time.

it's not every day you see somebody burn down their own house.


Honey Pot said...

Good chance he was burning it for the insurance money, only to find out they cancelled his insurance when the flames took out the whole neighbourhood.

JA Goneaux said...

Remember, folks: these guys are the smart ones, not those dumb, knuckle-dragging Tories...