28 June 2010

Where are the Queers...

...against Palestinian insanity?

It's one thing to be proud...
pride day...another thing entirely to be self-delusional.


Anonymous said...

If you really want to suck dick, quick beating around the blog. Straight guys don't spend this much time obsessing about queers. Trust me doll face, I know.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous homosexual troll says... want to suck dick..."

hang on a sec... the worst insult that you can think to toss at me... is that i'm gay? whoa... not much self-loathing there, huh?

no comment though on the actual post?

funny how that works.


Josephine said...

Thanks for the link, Neo.

If you ask the useful idiots about repression and violence that regularly takes place in Gaza or Islamic states throughout the world, they either ignore the question and change the subject or they find some illogical way to blame it on Israel.

Their rage when they saw those signs indicates to me that they are sane enough to recognize the truth and willing to use intimidation tactics in an effort deny that truth. They surged towards the people holding the signs and screamed at them.

Neo Conservative said...

but it's not about logic or lucidity, is it?

this is self-delusion on steroids.