06 June 2010

CUPE Ontario

Apparently just a bong-hit away... from strapping explosives to kindergarten teachers...

"I hope CUPE is willing to account for flying its flag alongside that of the "Party of God" (i.e., "Hizbollah"). They are judged by the company they keep."

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...newly-ceded land... of "Juden Verboten"...no jews allowed**********

LAST WORD: Investing millions of dollars...

...in education aid... to time-travel back to 1939?
no jews allowed
"Citizenship and Immigration Canada gave the centre $2.4-million for English-language training in a multi-year agreement last April."
Somebody please tell me I'm dreaming.


Kit said...

Judging by the spelling on the back of his jacket it does not appear that much of the money goes to English language training.... Philistine...palistine... same difference.

Anonymous said...

way to go harper

Anonymous said...

I just want to say,how very ashamed I am to be a dues-paying member of CUPE here in Manitoba.I have called our head office and voiced my absolute disgust with majority of the union's policies,and the politics.They now have some of the Reps pushing the prov.NDP gov't on their Facebook pages..it gives me an opportunity to 'vent!' Putrid,anti-semetic claptrap put forth by a Union is just not acceptable.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll screeches... way to go harper"

yeah, gomer... this one's on evil chessmaster stephen harper.

lemme see how this works... if the conservatives try to aid the immigrant community... they're harming canada... if they don't... they're racist.

no accountability on the part of poor little palestine (or should i say 'palistine') house, right?

do you dopes ever listen to yourselves?


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Nope they never do;)

Rose said...

My Englaish not so good, how do I get milluns to start a school to teach immigrates Englash in Tarranstan?

Josephine said...

Thanks for the link, Neo!

Neo Conservative said...

no, jo... thank you for being out there on the front line.