25 June 2010

Stand by for breaking news...

...on gravity holding shit down...

Adolescents who said their parents were authoritative, meaning they show high levels of both warmth and monitoring, were least prone to report heavy drinking, according to the study by Stephen Bahr, a professor in Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah's College of Family, Home and Social Sciences, and co-author John Hoffmann.
Lemme see... two parent families... actually give a crap about what their kids are up to... sheer genius.


Anonymous said...

the nanny statists will have non of that!!!!!!


Neo Conservative said...

here's the deal... you wanna make a good go of child-raising... you need two informed, involved parents.

mom + welfare cheque... not so good.

mom + crack + welfare cheque... worse.

this ain't rocket science.


maryT said...

I wonder how many of the weirdly dressed idiots marching in Toronto come from welfare families. Or how many of them were raised in daycares. And how many went to universities with very leftist professors. And how many of them have had several live in mothers or fathers. And most of all, how many of them have ever had a long term, good paying job.
And how many were raised in two parent families, with no divorce and a stay at home mom.

Frances said...

Our children were generally very responsive, but we had our moments. I do remember telling one child in particular that if (s)he could find another family who would tolerate him/her, then to go for it. Didn't happen. All offsprings now adults and gainfully employed as well as volunteering.

Neo Conservative said...

well, neophyte doesn't always appreciate our "involvement"... and the high school years are maybe gonna bring a whole new level of complication... but underneath it all, he knows it comes from a good place.