11 June 2010

Just something to think about...

...if you can spare a few moments from weeping for poor, little Omar Khadr...

Taliban militants took terror to a new low by accusing a 7-year-old boy of spying - and hanging him.

Nor is this the first time the Taliban has killed kids. Three years ago, they strung up a 70-year-old woman and a child in the Musa Qala district on trumped up spying charges, Ahmadi said.
That's some "Religion of Peace".


Diane1976 said...

Are you saying what the US government has done to Omar Khadr is OK because the Taliban does worse things? That's an usual moral standard.

maryT said...

The US government has done nothing to Omar Khadr. He did it to himself when he followed his father to kill US troops. Blame JC, he is the one who pleaded and got the father out of jail in Pakistan. The start of the love in for terrorists by liberal politicians.
Canadians should never forget that fact, it was liberals who went to bat for this family.

kursk said...

..and how does that change the fact that many senior Liberals support terrorist organizations?

Hamas? LTTE?

Neo Conservative said...

"diane1976 asks... Are you saying what the US government has done to Omar Khadr is OK"

maybe you should try reading slower.

last i heard poor little omar had full legal representation... and a pulse.

and please correct me if i'm mistaken... george bush hadn't hung any grandmothers or 7 year-old kids.


Anonymous said...

No 7 year old should be hung for any reason, punished yes but not hung. (real conservative)

maryT said...

Any comment from IRuby on this hanging, as she said kids can be beaten.
Visit searching for liberty blogspot for a great post on this hanging.