15 June 2010

Sounds like somebody couldn't wait...

...for their 72 virgins...

A member of the Khadr family in Toronto has been charged with sexual offences allegedly involving a minor.

Police say Abdulkareem Ahmed Khadr, 21, is charged with one count each of sexual assault and sexual exploitation.
Holy Jihad... it's more than just explosives & decapitations.

P.S -- Abdulkareem is the one in the wheelchair.


Anonymous said...

Don't shoot. Let'em burn.

Neo Conservative said...

here's what i don't get.

the khadr family have not only advocated armed struggle against all us infidels... they have participated in the actual shooting war.

additionally, the whole family, since returning to canada, has lived off the welfare tit.

now one of them gets caught molesting children?

what the fuckin' fuck, people?

wake up and smell the jihad.

and yeah... we gotta start pushin' up off the beach... let 'em burn.


fernstalbert said...

Cheese and crackers - how do you explain this behaviour? I thought those Khadr boys were "good boys, just misunderstood". Cheers.

Neo Conservative said...

hang on folks... maybe we're looking at this through a north american lense.

what do they say in, for instance... the land of mecca?

yikers... that explains a few things.


maryT said...

Looks like mother Khadar was worried for nothing. Didn't she once state, on TV, that she wanted her sons to be killers over there than stay in Canada and become gays.

Anonymous said...

missed your piece on the good old canadian family that just wasted their 15 yr old daughter. i guess you'll get to that tomorrow eh shithead?

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll screeches... missed your piece on the good old canadian family"

uh, geez rainman... maybe you should read slower, 'cos... it's right there.