17 June 2010

Your money... his friends

Ah yes... once again Dalton McSlippery's bottomless socialist teat...

"The turning point in the talks came when Ontario government officials agreed to grant the exemption, according to sources close to the talks."
We just keep stepping further & further away... from "one people, one law."


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Ponder that last statement for a minute: a group of French people announce that they're going to eat French food in public, in France, and it's deemed a "serious risk to public order."
The Brave New World... closer than you think.


JA Goneaux said...

Funny how the left castigates Tea Partiers, but puts certain other protestors up on a pedestal, isn't it?

Sorry, I mean to say "predictable" for the first word there...

Neo Conservative said...

it's like orwell said... some animals are more important than others...

ya gotta love how the msm refers to these guys as protestors... like it was a bunch of moms picketing a department store.

"Try this yourself some time... get a bunch of your buddies AND their deer rifles and TRY blockade a four lane highway for a couple of days."

"One caveat though... if you're a middle aged white guy with a regular job and a family... the local SWAT Team is gonna drop you like a crazy girlfriend if you don't immediately disarm and assume the position."