19 June 2010

Hope, Change and...

...worrying is for "the small people"...
small peopleHeck, what's the big deal here... it's not like this thing is going away anytime soon, right?


kursk said...

Obama one term HOPES to have a quick game, after which he can CHANGE for dinner and drinks..

Anonymous said...

I think Obama was briefed on the truth behind what has really happened.That Oil deposit isn't just under the 5000 feet of water pressure,there are several Strata's of material and other Oil finds that fed the pipe. The real drilling went down about 22000 feet,the latest GPS readings and satellite images show a bulge-dome near the pipe area for about 20 miles(10 miles from the center).
The pressure from the Strata's and Water depth is about 80'000psi to 100'000 psi.
In about 3 months the gas build-ups will go boom,a Tsunami will hit Florida along with almost every shallow water Drill rig(20'000)being swamped and destroyed. The massive flow of crude sludge may drift around the globe,the heavy goo will no dout seek out the Marriana trench at about 25'000 feet below sea level.

Sorry folks, I'm enjoying my sumer
and the global warming crisis will be pretty moot when Earth pop a zit the size of Austrailia to spew the Oil out at roughly 80'000 psi.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... pop a zit the size of Austrailia"

whoa... you got a source for any of this?


maryT said...

When Katrina hit, the govenor and mayor of affected state and city, refused outside help. When the disaster hit the oil rig, O refuses help from outside.
If November does not get rid of Pelosi and Reid, there will be no saving the USA.

A Concerned Friend said...

"whoa... you got a source for any of this?"

Why? You think you're some kind of journalist?

Take a pause from your blogging wankery or at the very least, check in with the wife and kid for a moment.

Getta grip John, you've become a loser.

Neo Conservative said...

"another anonymous troll shrieks... blogging wankery"

yeah... whatever you do... don't ask someone to provide a source, huh?

despite your unflattering comments, nonny... you just can't seem to stay away.

funny how that works.


Anonymous said...

you just can't seem to stay away.

Yup. Nothing more alluring than a fat middle aged crybaby who does nothing but moan.

You're an ingrown hair on the ass of life John.

Neo Conservative said...

of course, nonny... because you say so.

say, just curious... where you come from, does shouting out silly names actually work on anybody over the age of seven?

you wanna follow me around screeching about every single post... it just illustrates that i'm way more important to you... than you are to me.

sounds like i'm more than a little "alluring" to some folk, sweetie.