27 June 2010

I think this time around... I'm with the...

...compassionate, intellectual leftosphere... "burn, baby, burn"...

-- "Given the events on Saturday in Toronto, is the nearly billion-dollar price tag for summit security any more justified?" --
halls of macadamia/And I'm just sittin' here thinking... Darwin was right...
"Any city that stands aside to photograph itself burning - deserves to."


Anonymous said...

I don't think the fence was made big enough. Fence in the 416, juice it up and make it permanent.

Neo Conservative said...

just watched lisa laflamme do her thing on ctv news.

no attempt at all at objective reporting... it was all about the evil stormtroopers plucking innocent people off the street and imprisoning them in gitmo-like conditions.

it was actually so one-sided it would have embarrassed dr dawg.

journalists... our moral & intellectual superiors.


Anonymous said...

Hate to say it but Harper will experience a rough ride over this. I think that everything should have happened in Huntsville, there would have been less cost and less problems. Up there, the bugs would wear down these punks and there isn't a fast food joint on every street corner either. Add to that the long walks through bush and I bet most protesters would just pack it in. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Hey Neo,

I agree with your view of Lisa LaFlamme.
Her byline should be all breathless all the time.
She was irritating during the Olympics.
There's no cogent viewpoint.
Just hyperbolic over reaction.

With her, everything is either the greatest thing that ever happened or it's the worst.

Oh my God, why is this happening?
"Rubber bullets. I was shaking so hard I dropped it."
It's happening because you are following G8 protesters around Toronto with a camera and you are treating it like a Sunday in the park.
It's not a picnic.

Honey Pot said...

They got what they wanted, a night in jail. It is a badge for the leftards.

The rest of Canada doesn't care. What were they protesting, does anyone know?

Neo Conservative said...

"hp says... What were they protesting, does anyone know?"

do you think they really knew themselves... or did they just show up because they wanted a little excitement in their pathetic, know nothing lives?

did anybody see a reporter, even once, ask one of the so-called activists... "what do you not like about the g20... why are you here"?

'cos i sure didn't.


maryT said...

Regardless of where the summit was held, Toronto was the target and the thugs would have still been there.
What did the idiots expect, a 4 star hotel. And, why didn't they use their cell phone to call their lawyer, they had his/her number on their arm.
I want the names of any lawyer defending these idiots, so I can help see they never get decent clients.

Anonymous said...

Lisa LaFlamme's cameraman was detained -- might be hard for her to be objective.

And you're right: Nobody on CBC or global did an indepth story on who the protesters were or what they wanted!

It must not have been important...