28 June 2010

Walking with Kings

"So they, like, told me I should come up to the school for two days and, like, go to some dinner on the first night and then do campus activities the next day."

"But I don't know. That's, like, two days of my life."
So much for... "the children are our future."


Anonymous said...

I know people who would have a serious stuttering problem if the word LIKE was eliminated from their vocabulary.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

"rob says... if the word LIKE was eliminated"

probably accounts for the scarcity of intelligent commentary from the anti-g20 "activists".

as soon as these gomers ran out of pre-rehearsed rhetoric & slogans... it was all dead air.

to their credit, mind you ...they sure make a mean molotov cocktail.


Frances said...

Given the general mindlessness/indoctrination of the early campus bits, the boy is correct. I am so thankful none of us had to experience that.

My husband had to take 'entrance' exams, even though he was already accepted. He also had to go to an opening session at which he was told to look to his right and his left and then advised, 'they won't be there when you graduate'. Logic flaw. Turned out his entrance exam results weren't that great either; he was counselled to drop out. His response was that the exam was for high school students and he was a mature student, or near offer, with several years' work under his belt. He came close to topping his class, being one of four with first class honours. His uni dropped the exam.