22 June 2010

Hey Hans... that "diversity" thing...

...how's that working out for ya?
decoy jews

-- "The city's police already use people posing as pensioners and gay men in an effort to catch muggers and gay-bashers." --
Geez... has anybody mentioned this to poor Helen Thomas?

Meanwhile... just down the road in Stinky Cheese Land...
Jacques: “Sacre bleu! You’re right, Alain. Well, no problem. We’ll just move it to Thursday.”

Alain: “Yes. That should be OK. Let me just first consult my Reuters Guide to Ominous Islamic Grievances and Forbidden Behaviour, Volume IV, chapter 37 … oh, no. Thursday is Indonesian Independence Day.”

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But it did happen and it will happen again. The longer Her Majesty's government allows riot and disorder to rule the street the more likely a second English civil war.
Our modern world.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Headlines don't come any better than that;)

robins111 said...

I just can't figure out how one could be a decoy jew,

I mean like there's various types of hunting camo, but this is just beyond me.

Neo Conservative said...

maybe the toronto cops could consider putting out decoy gangstas... wouldn't take long for rival bangers to start trying to pick them off.


Rural and Right said...

... and all of the eye witnesses to have amnesia.