09 September 2009

Oh, c'mon now... what media bias?

Is it the Globe & Mail's fault that Michael Ignatieff is simply stoking "Hope and Change"?

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"The sinking of Iggy will be so tragic that Gord Lightfoot will write a hit song about it."


kursk said...

It is to laugh to state, as in the article, that voters have all but forgotten the coalition..More BS from the Mop and Flail.

The comments are hilarious, more projections of the worst kind from the Jr. Marxist readers who cannot stomach anyone but their own to hold the reigns of power for longer than a day.

Éric said...

The G&M has had a spate of negative Ignatieff articles over the last two weeks. What are you talking about?

cantuc said...

If you look at the numbers on Nanos' latest poll , a coalition is their only hope in hell of gaining ANY seats , let alone even enough for a minority . They might exchange or trade some but with conservatives going from 48 % to 58.6 % on the prairies , buh bye Ralphy fer one . That would almost make an election worth it . Bring it on .

Neo Conservative said...

eric says... a spate of negative Ignatieff articles"

eric... go back to this article. read the headline... slower.

you see it now?


Éric said...

Cherry picking one article to highlight "media bias" is weak, NC. I can find you a half-dozen articles from the G&M over the last weak which have been negative towards the Liberals.

Blame Crash said...

No Eric.

It's not the stinkin media that's "negative towards the Liberal"

You'll have to blame reality for that one.

Neo Conservative said...

"eric says... can find you a half-dozen articles"

but curiously, eric... you didn't. and hey, six in the last week? you're on.

now, remember... nice inflammatory headline with each article, please.


Rose said...

The comments are hilarious, is that tooth paste or spittal frothing from the lib's mouths?

Save the children save the children, the Gob campaigning for the libs and CBC is silent on the entire issue.

If they are plotting another coalition the public will not be amused, the last thing this country needs is to be handed to communist/seperatist/unhinged leftwingers.

Éric said...

Wow, you never fail to sound like a tool. And by the way, that headline really isn't all that Tory-negative, so to call it inflammatory is ridiculous. But anyway, here:

"On truth, fear and broken political promises" http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/opinions/on-truth-fear-and-broken-political-promises/article1279733/

"Hunting Liberals as a pack"

"An off-putting air of entitlement"

"Iggy sells his arrogance"

"They really don't get it"

"'The Liberals Can Hardly Back Down Now Without Becoming A Laughingstock'"


Neo Conservative said...

"eric splutters... you never fail to sound like a tool"

ah, yes... the venerable "you're a big poopyhead" gambit... the last refuge of the rabid troll.

i can see, eric... why you're so sympathetic to the globe's targeted inflammatory rhetoric.

and really... you think you've balanced the scales here?


you're still a little pissed about our last little encounter, aren't you?

hey... how about those new polls, huh?


Éric said...

Look at your style, if you talked to anyone like that in real life you'd get your jaw broken, and deserve it too. Why do people forget their manners as soon as they have a keyboard in front of them? I guess with your anonymity you can say whatever you like, though. At least I have the guts to use my actual name!

I did exactly what you asked me, and you say I haven't balanced the scales. My seven articles to your one.


I tell you the sky's blue, and you scoff.

Hey, I know you hate to be proven wrong - but by now you must be so used to it, it just bounces off, huh? I hope you don't actually think you're as clever and witty as you pretend to be.

But, forget about it. I'll leave you to your choir.

Neo Conservative said...

"eric gets tough... if you talked to anyone like that in real life you'd get your jaw broken"

hmmm... hang on a second...

"Éric says... Wow, you never fail to sound like a tool."

c'mon, narcissus... you can't even keep track of what you said five minutes earlier? you're doin' all the work for me.

oh, right... that's different.


Éric said...

Talking tough? I wasn't talking tough. I wouldn't break your jaw. I'm not a violent person, and threatening people you've never met with violence over the internet is one of the stupidest things there is. I'm just hoping (another stupid thing, apparently) that you might realise how you actually come off on your own blog.

I'm sure if we were talking face to face, you'd be polite and we could have an actual conversation.

Why is that impossible here?

Neo Conservative said...

"eric backpedals furiously... I'm just hoping (another stupid thing, apparently) that you might realise how you actually come off on your own blog."

of course, eric... because you say so.

and you've only been back here 5 times in this one thread... to re-emphasize how utterly unimportant i am in your life.

nice audible, peyton.


Éric said...

What's with your focus on how many times I respond? I get an email every time you respond, and then I respond to you. What's so odd about that?

I'm not furiously refreshing your blog every minute or something.


I'll leave you the last word, since it seems we're done.

Neo Conservative said...

"eric says... I'm not furiously refreshing your blog every minute or something."

lemme see, eric... you call me a tool... you talk about how i deserve to have my jaw broken... and now... your feelings are hurt?

cowboy up, pal... the mixed messages are a little confusing.