17 December 2008

"CRIME IS DOWN!!!"... screams MSM

Except, of course... where it isn't...

"The glaring exception is the tally of gun incidents."
Oh yeah, that... those pesky little "incidents" and "occurrences".
As of Monday morning there had been at least 236 occurrences, an 18-per-cent increase over last year. Still more striking is the number of people shot: 336, compared with 237, a rise of almost 42 per cent.
But, but, but... Mayor Super Dave is chasing all of the gun clubs out of Toronto... how can this be?

And what about the Chretien Mafia's infamous 2 billion dollar "Farmer Bob Rifle Registry"?

Hey... does this mean we get our money back?


"There's something wrong with my gun. Everytime I unlock the safe and tell it to go get me some venison for the freezer, all it does is sit there."

"Am I doing something wrong?"

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LAST WORD: Speaking of criminals...



Anonymous said...

Handgun ban must be working. Only a 18% and 44% increase in the number of shootings and shooting victims.

Neo Conservative said...

i guess it's the same logic used when toronto made itself a "nuclear free zone".

just close your eyes and tap those ruby slippers together three times.


Murray the Hun said...

There's something wrong with my gun. Everytime I unlock the safe and tell it to go get me some venison for the freezer, all it does is sit there.

Am I doing something wrong?

Neo Conservative said...

"Murray the Hun says... There's something wrong with my gun."

hey... mine too.

maybe the guns are planning to revolt against mankind and slaughter us all while we sleep.

[cue spooky music]


BillM said...

Liberal Supporter:

Are you privy to some special information on where hanguns used by thugs are coming from?

I don't think so since the vast majority have never been seized and identified.

I wonder if by any chance they come to Canada smuggled along with the tons of illegal drugs and illegal aliens that we can't seem to stop.

I've always had weapons. I've never used one to commit a flony or injure a citizen.

Neo Conservative said...

hey billm... around here we don't feed the silly little pottymouth troll.


Rose said...

I got rid of my rifles, I got wind of them secretly forming a socialist/commie Coalition with rebels from a seperatist party in the cold storage room.

I will not have traitors living in my house, now I have a sawed off nine iron.

Loyal guns are so rare and once you register them the goverment turns them against you. They do.

Anonymous said...

As far as another adscam prosecution goes, don't be surprised. Anyone who has dealings with a political party, or a member thereof, eventually becomes a criminal. It rubs off from the company they keep.
As far as the crime stats go, this is just another example of the MSM's selective journalism. Today the news reader on CTV breathlessly announced that NASA had estimated that, I believe the figure was 10 trillion tons of ice, had melted from the Arctic waters. What NASA had neglected to mention was that Antarctic sea ice has increased by at least that amount.
In another instance another representative from some group was being interviewed about a report that our folks in the armed forces, who were suffering from post traumatic syndrome, were being ignored. When the news person asked how large the number was, the answer she received was: "one is too many." In other words, this is just another mud-slinging report that is not backed up by any facts. It is simply an attempt at creating hysteria among the gullible, and yet the news person just accepted this answer as if it had some relevance.
Studies show that the MSM is becoming less and less important in the delivery of information, and it may die out from lack of advertising revenue which is moving to the internet.
It can't happen soon enough for me.