25 September 2008

And the sky grew darker...

...as the vultures began to discern the ugly smell of death...

“Liberals win elections when they have the edge with women voters,” said Peter Donolo, a pollster with the Strategic Counsel. “Right now, they're not enjoying that edge.”

“I think the No. 1, 2 and 3 answers are Stéphane Dion and his communication skills.”


Honey Pot said...

That is offensive that they believe females to be that dumb that they go for the soft cuddly know-nothing political leaders.

Yooooowhooooo. Guess what. Females drive, and put gas in their trucks. Females work, pay bills and lots of taxes. We also feed our families, and in some cases are the sole providers.

Why in hell would anyone think that females are that goddamn stupid that they would put a political leader in that sports a purse, and if he got anymore dull or boring we would set him in a sunny window and water him once a week.

I can speak for many females when I say we don't like weak men. Oh yeah, sure they come in handy when we have pms and want to whine, they will actually listen to us.

Besides that, there really is no use for them.

Neo Conservative said...

"hp says... we don't like weak men."

well, c'mon now... who among us, really does?

and with steffi... it's so palpable... you can almost smell it.

not attractive at all.


Honey Pot said...

No one is attracted to weak leaders, except perhaps Jason.

This nonsense that they are suggesting females will all be voting for the libs, ndp or greens, is just that, nonsense.

The global warming fad is almost over, and Lizzie going on about the end of the world, just certified her for a reservation in Ward C, shortly after the debate.

I have yet to meet female who didn't want to bitch slap taliban jack upside the head, just because he is so fucking annoying.