01 July 2008

You hear about the statistician...

...who drowned in a lake that averaged only three feet deep?

-- TORONTO -- Citywide, crime statistics seem to underscore her cautious optimism: From murder to assault and sexual assault, from car theft to break-ins, nearly every serious-crime indicator has dropped in Toronto this year compared with the same six months in 2007.

Nonetheless, he agrees that drug dealing is the backdrop for a major swath of violent crime. “Robberies, shootings – it's all tied to drugs, you wouldn't have a lot of gangs if it wasn't for drugs.”
I'm guessing fuzzy-bunny statistics aren't much comfort though, to the friends and families of people who ran into the wall this holiday weekend...
An apparent abduction outside a Scarborough karaoke bar has police looking for three suspects.

Witnesses told police an Asian man was beaten in the parking lot outside Echo Karaoke Bar on Kennedy Rd., just south of Steeles Ave., before he was "forced against his will" into a silver van just after midnight today, Toronto Police said in a news release.

Two of the suspects were Asian men, 30 to 35 years old, about 5-foot-7, 150 lbs., with short hair and dark clothing. The third was an Asian woman, about 5-foot-7, 170 lbs., 40 to 45 years old, with shoulder-length hair and a brown purse.
And this unfortunate young lady...
Police have her name but are no closer to knowing how a young woman died at a rave in Markham over the weekend.

Nicole Le, 21, of Surrey, B.C., was found unconscious and frothing at the mouth at the back of Club Rio on Woodbine Ave. around 4:30 a.m. Saturday.
And right next door... the bodycount rises...
Police say gunfire erupted at a house party and Glenford Asan Reid, 31, of Brampton was hit. Attempts by emergency personnel to treat Reid were unsuccessful and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Roughly 30 minutes later more shots rang out at an apartment on Darcel Ave. in Malton. Police rushed to the scene near Goreway Dr. and Derry Rd. E. and found Orrin Marlon Earle, 28, of Mississauga. He was pronounced dead at the scene.
But don't you worry... the Globe and Mail says crime is going down.

Nothing to worry about here... move along.


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Accidental long-weekend deaths in Ontario alone... just blew past the yearly average total of taser fatalities for the whole country...
Drownings and traffic accidents claimed six lives over a Canada Day weekend that kept the OPP busy nailing motorists with 2,500 roadway violations.

OPP yesterday reported three fatalities and 250 crashes across the province -- many of the accidents caused by wet weather conditions.
The truth is... people just don't wanna see the light.


I think the Dawg... needs a good worming.


Anonymous said...

Now Neo, you and I agree most of the time, but can you please stop doing this?

You start out with TORONTO stats, then show crime as far away as Brampton and Markham, and include Mississauga too.

I know that, like my family, anything south of Barrie is Tranna, but geeze...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... then show crime as far away as Brampton and Markham, and include Mississauga"

you mean... in what everybody refers to as the gta... the greater toronto area?


Anonymous said...

Well, yeah, but I don't refer to it as such.

But you started with City of Toronto data, then used GTA stuff. Bad science.

Besides, didn't you know we shipped our Jane and Finch problem out to Brampton? Wait a minute...

Me, I live in East York, cozy little corner. Could use some gentrifying, just up to but not including Starbucks. But it ain't the 'burbs. I can actually walk to everything I need, for instance. I had to go to Mississauga today. Geeze...somebody decided to clone Los Angeles and plunk it down in Peel Region.

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... But you started with City of Toronto data, then used GTA stuff. Bad science."

well, james... it's actually not science at all. what it is, my friend... is merely factual.

i do choose to sometimes paint in broad sociological strokes... which, truthfully, is the most pragmatic way to deal with "the wad"... sometimes referred to more prosaically as "the big picture".

as far as mississauga goes... i have family in oshawa... which, similarly, is morphing, with all the attendant social ills, into a suburb of toronto.

i mean you no personal offense... but frankly... i would sooner poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick than live anywhere near the gta.

to each his own... the very best thing about living in a democratic society.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm from Muskoka. Don't tell me about living in a great place. I know the joy of having deer and bear on the front lawn. Ok, not the bear maybe...

If I could live there, and make a decent living, I would. I can't, so its Tranna for me. If you can't live in the bush, to me, you might as well live in the biggest, smelliest city you can find. The in-between isn't worth it.

Unfortunately, unless I put away some serious coin, I'll very much be like most of my relatives and friends there: at the mercy of a very thin economy. Even in good times, like when the first tech crash pulled all the smart money out and built huge cottages, it ain't easy living. All those expensive places going up put a premium on housing. My nephew, young but with his full carpentry papers, pays over $500 a month for a basement apartment, sharing with 4 other guys.

So, I'm stuck here in a well paying, but soulless job, just so I can retire with some sort of cushion. Its not that I love Toronto, but its never as bad as the headlines make out. If you are just going to read headlines, the USA looks like a firefight pretty much everywhere, no?

As for stats: they are only what I do for a living, so I know how elastic they can be. I only meant to point out that you seemed to be saying: Hey, someone from the City of Toronto is saying crime is going down there, but it can't be, just look at all the crime in Mississauga, Brampton, Oshawa, etc.

It just kinda reminded me of what the warmmongers (i.e., the Al Gore and David Suzukis of the world are doing with climate "facts".

Sorry about the long post, but I'm still fried (almost literally) from today: car overheated on the 401. So, tomorrow, I have to risk getting the car out to Mississauga to get son to school, then back to the garage, then rent a car and hope the episode won't cost more than $2,000.

Now, normally, I get to work on the subway. Takes 40 minutes of no effort, I read the Sun, sip my Tims.

How those !$#%$# commuters do it, I'll never know...

Neo Conservative said...

well, james... i left a high-paying tech job for life in the sticks the year my son started school. it's about more than one thing... but "quality of life"and "peace of mind" are right up there.

and guess what... east los angeles or the bronx wouldn't be on the list either.

furthermore, crime stats notwithstanding... life can take some pretty funny bounces... ask the parents of jane creba... or dylan ellis... or oliver martin... or...

i'm not a betting man... i lock my doors at night... i change the batteries in the smoke detectors... i wear my seatbelt religiously.

and my kid ain't gonna end up in the jaws of the urban meatgrinder if i can help it.

just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

NP, I figured this was more a "city mouse, country mouse" type of discussion. If you don't like big cities, I can't fault you. I just wanted to give some background and context.

I could mention folks like Const. Chris Garret, Michelle Barnoski, etc. But I won't.

BTW, when I was my son's age, my folks didn't lock their doors, didn't even take the keys out of the car. Now, they do...

Neo Conservative said...

james... there are gonna be, well... assholes... wherever you go.

i submit though, you're way better off in the worst part of cobourg... than the best part of the nightmarish jane-finch war zone.

and unfortunately... the problem is, these days... not confined to the "known" trouble spots.

as we have so graphically seen very recently.


James Goneaux said...

I just wish non-Torontonians would see a large city as a collection of communities, some good, some bad. I live nowhere near Jane and Finch, and as for random violence, its...well, random.

As for crime itself, every year there are arrests of locals in Muskoka for breaking into cottages. There are grow-ops and fields of pot. I've been to tiny lakes with a handful of places on them, several of which were biker hangouts. Last year the local corner store in Minett came within a hair's breadth of being an armed robbery statistic (the owner called the cops and chased the guy for miles until they caught him).

This, for instance, happened just around the corner from where I grew up. Minett has a full-time population of maybe 100 people. Care to be on this road last night?:


Neo Conservative said...

james... you are certainly entitled to your rather (in my opinion) generous sociological point of view regarding the city of toronto.

and yes, there are plenty of less than admirable folks outside of the gta... but i, for one, would never move back to a built-up urban environment.

i'd certainly be interested in revisiting this argument, say... five years down the road.

that work for you?