31 July 2008

We're gonna have a party

Steffi must be so pleased... what with all his recent bravado about bringing down the government...

Mr. Harper says the Tories will be pushing ahead with their legislative agenda – and, he says, “you can bet some of these will be confidence motions.”

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Stephen Taylor gets mail...
"It should be troubling for Dion to learn that there are members of his own political staff that are actively undermining the man at this critical time by leaking strategic communications that have landed right in my inbox."
Yeeeeouch... that's gonna leave a mark.



Anonymous said...

Steve can sneer and stamp his feet all he wants, but the election will not come from defeat of one of his faux confidence motions. Unless he tries one of the real far right agenda items, he'll be humoured while the investigations into his criminal activities continues. Probably they just found out the tapes weren't doctored, hence the big offensive. Trying to make it sound like the CPC are in the drivers seat. Pretty transparent.

No, it won't be a CPC motion dressed up as a confidence motion. It will be a specific non-confidence motion, put forth when the CPC least expects it.

Anonymous said...

Hate to break it to you anonymous - but the CPC ARE in the driver's seat. As long as the Liberals are broke and have Dion as their leader, Harper will continue to call the shots.


Neo Conservative said...

"anon protests... the election will not come from defeat of one of his faux confidence motions"

you mean the votes where the token dozen liberal mp's sent to vote against the motion have to skulk out of the house of commons... while everybody hoots and laughs at their humiliation?

another couple of those and fiberal members are gonna lose the will to live.

good plan, genius.


Honey Pot said...

Just how the liberals plan on taking down the government, without 5 cents to their name, is comical in itself.

That vote liberal, we guarantee nationwide unemployment and higher taxes, should go over like ham sandwiches at a muslim picnic.

Auntie Liberal said...

It would be wonderful if the Liberals did have another leadership convention soon. They're still under a debt load from the last one, and the candidates don't even support their own party with donations so how do they expect the average LPC member to donate? That would be a wonderful headline to see.

Neo Conservative said...

another leadership convention?

no way.

my guess is, every time stephen harper thinks about squaring off against steffi... he has to resist the urge to jump up on his desk and do the happy dance.

steffi... the gift that keeps on giving.