31 July 2008

Apparently, it's Chinese for...

"Screw you and your dangerous, irresponsible democracies."

Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee spokesman Sun Weide says journalists will have what he called "sufficient and convenient" Internet access.

Sun told reporters Chinese authorities will - with the exception of websites the Chinese deem illegal - provide full access to the Internet to facilitate their reporting during the Olympic games.


Powell lucas said...

By restricting internet access that only means the government can apply more resources to tracking the e-mail traffic. That way they can be on guard agianst 'unworthy thoughts' and 'unacceptable statements'.
Oh, how I long for the good old days of the cold war when east was east, west was west and the twain were never destined to meet until Nixon made a little visit.
At least then when the Chinese government thumbed their noses at us they didn't do it while importing all our jobs.

Neo Conservative said...

from the people who brought you lead-painted baby toys.