30 July 2008

Okay... so I was wrong

The sorta thriving metropolis of Belleville, Ontario... does have a hooker problem...

Less than a block away, another well-known prostitute trolled up Front Street wearing a black miniskirt, red suede cowboy boots and hair pulled back in pigtails. As she slowly made her way up the Front Street sidewalk, the woman worked theatrically to make flirting eye contact with any men who came across her path.
Of course... there's a bit of a difference in the way your average non-GTA citizen reacts to it.
However, her provocative antics drew jeers from several people waiting for a bus outside a department store. “Get lost,” said one man, sneering. “No one wants you down here.” The woman smiled and kept walking.
Now, I confess I don't get down to the "Big Smoke" as often as I used to... but I had no idea this was going on.

There's one especially sleazy bar/hotel in the city core... but I guess I just assumed all the raggedy ass people hanging around... were just the usual complement of professional losers you accumulate anywhere.
Glaring at her from across the street was a 43-year-old woman finishing a morning coffee break from her shift at a downtown business.

“I saw her talking to some greaseball earlier this morning,” said the woman, asking her name not be used. “She’s been working this street all morning long.”
I'll try get some pictures the next time I'm downtown.



Joe said...

You sure that was a hooker?

It might have been a liberal leadership candidate looking for a little debt relief.

Neo Conservative said...

sounds more like a parody of a hooker, i'll admit.

maybe that's just her professional persona.