24 July 2008

What's not to like?

"Either we will have a private industry whose profits depend on creating and maintaining addicts, or we will have a public bureaucracy whose revenues depend on creating and maintaining addicts."

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gimbol said...

There's an even bigger issue.

The illicit drugs are not produced by law abiding citizens just out to suppliment their income, its produced by criminals, and the income is distributed through the criminal network, some of which finds its way to places like Afghanistan. The one common denominator is that all those folks do not respect the laws of the land and most if not all are opposed to our way of life.
They want to extinguish it and replace it with a rule by force not laws.
I for one would prefer that the "oxygen" be cut off from these producers.

Anonymous said...

What gimbol said.
Private enterprise or public bureaucracy, either way it would be a lot less of a cut throat business than what we have now.
Not likely to happen anyway. Too many vested interests in the status quo and lots of money to spread around.

doug newton

Neo Conservative said...

in the case of hard drugs... simple solution really... you catch someone dealing serious weight... execute them.

they wanna deal death... we show them the price.


Anonymous said...

"creating and maintaining addicts" - that's the entire job of social workers with regard to any misery.