29 July 2008

That's it... I'm buying a doberman

Apparently, nowadays... all the kids are doin' it...

Breaking into locks once reeked of criminality; if you dared to try it, you did so in secret, because if you were spotted, folks would assume you were up to no good. Now, picking locks has gone legit.

Recreational lock pickers meet regularly in community centers around the country, challenging each other to break new locks as casually as others nearby work to break the Queen's Gambit.

On Web culture blogs, fans of locksport enjoy a place besides cryptography enthusiasts and DRM hackers as practitioners of a morally defensible, geeky dark art.

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It's 20 hours before the third annual Dutch Open lock-picking competition will begin, but the room is already packed with 50 or so men and women wielding burglar tools and representing the international steel bolt-hacker diaspora.


Anonymous said...

Where are they getting the lockpicks?
It is illegal to sell them to anyone not a certified locksmith and are illegal to own if you are not a locksmith.

Anonymous said...

A tool is a tool; picking locks sounds like a challenging skill to learn. Locksmiths can do it, why should it be illegal to own or use the tools if I have no criminal intent for them? I know how to tie knots, but I don't lynch people. I own firearms but don't go shooting people. I own knives but don't stab people. My chainsaw hasn't been used to dismember anybody, and my shovels haven't buried any bodies. I already own enough tools to break into any house on the planet, yet I don't.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... Where are they getting the lockpicks?"

i did a little reading about this... and apparently part of the challenge is making your own picks... from hacksaw blades and such.

there was an article on a guy who put together an automatic lockpicker from a converted electric toothbrush.

my title here is also a little tongue-in-cheek... i agree with my second commenter that a tool is just a tool.

the truth is... i don't really think this demographic is a huge criminal threat... burglars are mostly junkies who break a pane of glass, find an unlocked back door or grab stuff when you're not looking.

locksport sounds like it could be a lot of fun.


Anonymous said...

apparently part of the challenge is making your own picks
Houdini was said to make his own picks after he'd been shackled and suspended or submerged.