24 July 2008

Is CTV a Canadian company?

I just listened to parts of Barack Obama's speech in Germany... and was especially incensed when Obama urged the Germans to step up and do more in Afghanistan.

"We can't do it alone," he thunders... completely ignoring Canada's contribution to the war.

Strangely enough... that seems to be the one part CTV doesn't include in their report on the speech.

I guess it didn't exactly fit in with their canonisation of St. Barack.

Funny how that works.


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On Thursday evening in a glittering Berlin, Mr. Obama delivered a tone poem to American and European ideals and shared history.

But he was vague on crucial issues of trade, defense and foreign policy that currently divide Washington from Europe and are likely to continue to do so even if he becomes president.

Mr. Obama indulged in “some pro-German demagogy on nuclear weapons to get applause,” Mr. VĂ©drine said. But he said Mr. Obama’s call for more European engagement in Afghanistan would not go over so well.


beachnut said...

Years ago in Honalulu, a sales lady berated me for not going all the way out to see the "ARIZONA", yet I had done the Pearl Harbor tour.
My response, "Well, we (Canadians) were well estabished in 1941...when you got bombed...then you joinded the war.
Thanks for helping.

beachnut said...

What I mean, is that anyone of any country can have their own version of history.Look at Saudia Arabia, Canada's MSN chooses not to emphasise it.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching CTV after Lisa LeFlamme did a special with our front line troops and gave away their positions , she also showed how the scout vehicles work and the Turret look-outs that pop up for a brief look .

2 weeks later a Taliban sniper was waiting for sgt.Gaddard who did exaclty as CTV show the Taliban and her head was shot off.

Thank god the CBC and CTV stayed the hell away from Normandy in 1944 , they would have done a 2 hours special for the Nazis to set up the machines guns to mow down more soldiers thn they did that day.

Is Lisa really that stupid of a talking-head that she never thought that the Pro-Taliban population in Jack Laytons Ridding had TV's and phones to call in info to the taliban?

I now wonder if CTV showed Gamil Gharbi how to sneak in a weapon to a school so he could slaughter the 14 females in 1989 at a Montreal Polytech.

potato said...

Maybe Saint Obama is ignoring us because of NAFTA and our "dirty oil". Once Dion comes to our rescue "normal" relations will resume.

Neo Conservative said...

i wonder if lisa and lloyd ever actually think about the stuff they regurgitate off the teleprompter... or if they're just the useful idiots they appear to be.


Anonymous said...

CTV is actually worse than the CBC.
It's all I get for news up at work, so I end up watching quite a bit.

mightysamurai said...

"What I mean, is that anyone of any country can have their own version of history."

Very true. Supposedly in North Korea the Official Government-Approved Version of history is that NK won the Second World War all by itself.