23 July 2008

In other...

..."you know, statistically, crime is down" news...

A 22-year-old man has been charged in the slaying of a developmentally-delayed Mississauga woman. Homicide investigators quickly took over the investigation into Peel Region's 16th murder victim of the year.

Jason Osborne of Mississauga was charged with first-degree murder. He was scheduled for a brief court appearance today where he was expected to be remanded into custody.

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...where's that knife registry?
York police are investigating after a teenager was stabbed in the chest early this morning.

The teen, about 18 years old, was stabbed in Aldergrove Park, near Kennedy Rd. and Steeles Ave. E., around 1 a.m., but his friends took him to Scarborough Grace Hospital in Toronto’s 42 Division, said Markham Staff Sgt. John Southwell.


Richard said...

Ok, just what the hell does "developmentally-delayed" mean? Was she still in a training bra? Was she a retard? A midget?

To say that she's "delayed" implies that she'll be catching up at some point in time.

With all due respect to the murdered woman, who the hell are these journalists to use such phrases as descriptors? The woman was 31 years old! She's was as "developed" as she was going to get. Where the hell does the "delayed" part come in?

Sorry for the rant Neo but I had to get it out...

Sammy said...

And I'm wondering which "community" the accused came from.Was listening to Wpg.cbc radio on drive home from work...I know,cbc,but I live in the real boonies,and can only get that garbage at times..and the 'reporter' was saying the police hadn't released which 'community' the poor, deceased,17 yr.old thief/taser victim was from.The kid was caught red-handed busting in to someones car,had smashed the window,and was about to 'help himself'..because we need to share what we have with the underpriveleged,right??? The kid had a knife,refused to drop it,when police arrived. Later it came out that the 'child' was from the 'Metis community' WTF is that all about? Wpg.is the car theft capital of the world..I think..and citizens are sick and tired of it.A 14 yr.old girl involved in a stolen car crash that killed a cabbie LAUGHED about it,had no regret,and told the cops,'well,he had to die sometime!'She got sent home,with an ankle bracelet,cut it off,and went on the lam for days.And people wonder why the cops get pissed off??
BTW Neo,any updates on Mr.Braveheart?I was in pet store the other day,and saw the most adorable,apricot Lop-ear bunny,and thot of you!