23 July 2008

What's flat, black...

...and glows in the dark?

-- Tehran -- "The Iranian people are steadfast," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said.

They "will not retreat one iota in the face of oppressing powers," he said in the televised speech made to thousands of supporters in the southern town of Yasouj.


kursk said...

His supporters will remain steadfast, blackened and in rigor mortis for his words..

Rose said...

The people of Iran are growing to hate this crazy whack job, he's completely destroying their culture and heritage to replace it with Arab Culture. Iran has the highest population of young people on the planet, I think we'll see a civil war in a couple of years. Iran was doing so well and prospering and the Islamic filth started a propaganda compaign accusing the US of trying to Westernize Iran and that's how he got to be Supreme Dictator.

The US found Sodamn Insane cowering in a hole in the ground covered in filth, I hope karma has something similar waiting for him.

Honey Pot said...

If there were anyone in Iran with a half of brain cell they would be offing him, and quickly, before the October rain.

Neo Conservative said...

you sure don't need a weatherman... to see which way the fallout will be blowin' here.