24 July 2008

You mean the complacency...

...that got you elected... after you lied to us about not raising taxes?

-- LONDON, ONT. -- The rallying call to all Ontarians to shed their complacency is a new tactic in a campaign that began three years ago for Mr. McGuinty and comes as oil prices threaten to transform the province into one of the poor cousins of Confederation.

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Anonymous said...

TangJuliette sez:

...Mike Harris is right. He is correct as well.

Contrary to my many previously held positions, there does in fact appear to be a Fiscal Imbalance of huge proportions. Who the hell knew?

All of us in Ontario should mount a massive anti-Ottawa campaign, something like the "evil Fed-Bashing" that I was so fond of constantly accusing Harris of doing.

We were so fond, the MSM and I, of ripping Mikey a new one on this count.

But now? Now, it's all good ...Thnx for your help!"

DoltOne McSquinty


t.e. & o.e.

Neo Conservative said...

"tj says... there does in fact appear to be a Fiscal Imbalance of huge proportions."

nothing to do, of course... with the one billion dollars and counting... of construction cost overruns that mcslippery's public/private partnerships have engendered.

save us, oh mighty mcguinty!