27 July 2008

You're hitting close to 90%...

...I'd say the people have spoken...
That "protest" at the US Embassy on Sussex Drive to free poor Omar from the evil Americans... the Ottawa Citizen estimates attendance at about 30 people.



Anonymous said...

I think at least PM Harper could ship his entire family over to keep him company in his cell.They are such nice people we will pay their airfare.

Rose said...

MSM appear to be freaking out, they refuse to believe that Canadians don't want the scum bucket brought back to Canada. This morning CTV showed a video clip where protestors where chanting "Bring him home", the first clip reported that sixty people attended the protest after the first loop they changed the sixty in attendance to "Crowds of protestors". How stupid does the MSM think we are, sixty people whoooooooooooo hooooooooooooo that's just pityful attendance but does show that Canadians don't want him brought back like Daddy Dearest was. Look how successful his repatriation was, he headed back to Pakistan with his taxpayer disability funded pension cheque (or direct debit) to support terrorism.

Neo Conservative said...

the cbc plays the same moronic games.


Honey Pot said...

What is happening now, is that the left have finally figured out why islam hates the west.

Not a thing to do with Bush and oil, and they know it now. Has much to do with left ideology.

They have also figured out islam can't be negotiated with.

It took the left here in Canada a spell to understand what is going on in the world around them.

They got it now, and they will become silent wall flowers, and let brave men and women, protect them.

Cameron Campbell said...

Self selecting internet poll?

Woo hoo!

Neo Conservative said...

"cameron campbell says... Woo hoo!"

oh, boy... the other cc is back for more.

c'mon cameron... let's hear you kiss up to the khadrs.

let the good times roll.