29 July 2008

Searing Toronto Star article...

...reveals the sorry state of child-rearing in Canada...

Children in some poorer areas of Mexico are farther ahead in kindergarten than the average Canadian kid, says new research led by renowned expert Dr. Fraser Mustard.
Well, that would certainly explain the thousands of refugees from Canada trying to sneak across the Mexican border.

Need a further testimonial?
“It’s a lot of good experiences in the first few years of life,” said Alfredo Tinajero, who helped implement a similar program in his native Ecuador.
Of course, the next sentence reads..."He now lives in Toronto."

And the solution to this horrific national disgrace?

Of course... more social workers.
Once a baby is born, families receive home visits twice a week for two years from parenting educators, social workers, nurses or physicians.
Pardon me for being just a little skeptical here... but my last visit to the local hospital emergency room had me sitting there for seven and a half hours with a sick, fevered child in my lap.

Now, call me wacky... but maybe before we actually replace mom and dad with newly minted sociology majors... we could do something about the imploding health-care system?

Just my two cents.


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"She would tell anyone she was speaking to, including Richard, his girlfriend and friends about Richard's blatant and constant breach of his curfew and refusal to listen to her," the judge observed in his ruling issued Tuesday.
How many social workers would have fixed this one?



Honey Pot said...

Mexico, that is the model we should be following?


Just look at the good job the social workers in Toronto are doing at raising the gangstas in their social ghettos.

If the left socialist didn't actually believe the state should be raising the nations children, it would be laughable.

Anonymous said...

Mexico is a Third World hell-hole with pockets masquerading as First.

Rule one for a decent functioning society: do everything possible to promote the FAMILY as the most important unit, even if that includes having the government get the hell out of the way.

Anonymous said...

William said...

Just a little reminder...

Vladimir Lenin quotes:
Destroy the family, you destroy the country.

The communists here in Canada, now called Liberals, have been following Lenin's doctrine to the letter.

Lenin also said...
A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie.
Hence..the Liberal Gun registration fiasco.

Mayor Miller of Toronto...
lives by this one...
One of the basic conditions for the victory of socialism is the arming of the workers (Communist) and the disarming of the bourgeoisie (the middle class).

Carefull what you vote for sheeple,
what you vote for is NOT what you get.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry, no time for a proper reply... got a plane to catch... for tijuana.


Anonymous said...

More media spin? A single pilot schooling establishment (CENDI), in only one city (Monterrey)in Mexico gets compared to all the schools in Canada? Apples Vs Oranges. Barry6176

Neo Conservative said...

if it's foreign and socialist... the star will be there to sing its praises.

did you notice they managed to work in a plug for fidel's communist paradise?


kursk said...

Just another example of the Atkinson principles at work..

Btw, wasn't Dr. Mustard killed in the study with a candleholder?

Neo Conservative said...

i'm not even sure what he's talking about... my kid has been a straight a-b student since the first day of school.

maybe this has something to do with that "crisis in education" thing they're having in toronto.