25 July 2008

For all the pretty press he's getting...

...you'd think he'd be way further ahead...

-- PRINCETON, NJ -- U.S. registered voters are closely divided in their presidential preferences, with 45% favoring Barack Obama in Gallup Poll Daily tracking from July 19-21, and 42% backing John McCain.


Cranky or Just A Crank said...

The Rasmussen poll which has a larger sample than Gallup and was taken over the same period has it 48/45 (BHO) +/- 2%.

and for what its worth the FoxNews poll from 07/22-23 has it 41/40 (BHO) +/- 3%.

Making predictions off of polls at this point in time is a mug's game, but I am amazed that with most of the media in the tank for Barry tht he isn't even doing as well as Dukakis at the end of July. He was ahead of GHWB bywe know how that turned out. 55/38 and we know how that turned out.


Anonymous said...

That poll also measures indirectly the percentage of Americans who are easily suckered by con men, who tell them happy things.

Neo Conservative said...

"cranky says... Making predictions off of polls at this point in time is a mug's game"

agreed... the moral of the story... not the acclamation the media would have you believe.


Anonymous said...

Obama promises a unicorn in every pot. And surrender.