21 July 2008


Apparently, some folks are still more than a little unclear... on the concept...

"I have communicated with Rogers in some detail, as well as with two police forces -- one out there, and one over here."
Now, I'm not sure how this works in your neck of the woods... but out here in Hastings County... threatening to kill someone "with your own hands" is still considered pretty serious business.

It seems though, in Waterloo, Ontario... Canadian Cynic's stomping ground... it's just fodder for a sick sense of humour...
But I guess we shouldn't be surprised... when he's not pissing all over the mother of a dead Canadian soldier... it seems threatening violence against public figures, is just how CC rolls...
Hey, CC... you bring that tire iron on your weekend trip to Ottawa?

Funny, you'd think that... as a victim of the vast right-wing conspiracy... the Cynic might be a little bit more understanding about stuff like this.

Apparently, that's not how it works.


"CC is a SHE, I've never met a male that acts like she does. Honestly how many men write prose that positively shrieks PMS?"

LAST WORD: I guess the death threats to Ezra...

...got Canadian Cynic all juiced up...Hey, CC... is that your... "final"... solution?

And CC... you're not being chastised... the word you're looking for is "exposed."

(h/t rg)


Blazing Cat Fur said...

He must have a serious alchohol issue.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your typical bully...
Tough when he doesn't actually have to step up to the plate

Tire iron? Pussy!!!

I think you are wrong...
He has a serious courage problem...a lack of

Neo Conservative said...

misogynistic, paranoid... and violent fantasy life... we ain't exactly talkin' girl next door here.


Rose said...

CC is a SHE, I've never met a male that acts like she does. Honestly how many men write prose that positively shrieks PMS?

When ever a liberals neighbour gets uppity on political issues I send them to her blog, snicker two leftards were rather upset with her prose and her constant attacks on the Conservative Bloggers. Those neighbours should be grateful I've sent a couple down the road to Blather Slather and Lather, talk about upset.

The left on the net don't appeal to "REAL LIFE LIBERALS, not atall.

RightGirl said...

Rose, you may be onto something. PMS would also explain the severe and almost unbelievable hatred s/he feels toward women. That, or his momma left him.


Neo Conservative said...

"rg says... you may be onto something"

i'm gonna go with what's behind door number two.

definitely mummy issues.