25 July 2008

It's way past time...

...someone taught those evil Olympians a lesson...

It was quite a blow for Chao to get the email with the bad news after an upbeat news conference Wednesday, when the Canadian Olympic Committee presented her as part of the Beijing team.

"We were all very happy from the COC launch and then we get home and, bam, this thing just slaps you in the face," said Chao yesterday.

"I really didn't know how to take it. Either the city really hates me or it's the city council or is just David Miller. It was extremely disappointing."
I'm sorry, Avianna... we just can't tolerate that continual reign of terror... that you and the rest of the Olympic shooting team have imposed on Toronto the Good.

Somebody just had to put their foot down.
The lease on the club ran until the end of the year, but Mayor David Miller pushed through a plan to address gun violence in Toronto last month that, among other things, cancelled the lease and permit for the CNRA and another range in a Scarborough community centre.
I thank all that is good and holy for the bravery and wisdom of Mayor "Super Dave" Miller.



langmann said...

I wonder if anyone will be able to prove that this bizarre plan reduced gun crime by any measureable amount in Toronto?

Dan Miller has to actually be the stupidest person I have ever met.

Neo Conservative said...

just another amoral hack building his political career on the backs of totally law-abiding canadians.

worse... he's distracting attention from the actual perpetrators of gun violence.

typical leftbot.


Anonymous said...

Mayor Moron is allowed to rip up contracts that easily? Is this part of his plan to drive business out of the city?

Toronto voters probably hate their jobs and would prefer to be unemployed, but the allure of being one of the Mayor's supplicants will eventually wear off.