30 July 2008

Respected Community Leader?

Looks like that's about to change.

-- TORONTO -- "The police are liars Dudley. You think they're nice? They're wicked," she said. "That's why some of them will die a bad death you know."

"People are going to put bullets in their heads."

Steele was once in serious consideration for appointment to the Toronto Police Services Board.
People, Valerie?

Not anyone you know, surely?



Powell lucas said...

Unfortunately Ms. Steele falls into the same category as 99.9% of all the socially conscious activists in this country. It's do as I say, not as I do. These people are great at berating everyone about how to be better citizens until it comes to protecting their own posteriors. Then the rules don't apply to them.

Neo Conservative said...

"powell says... the rules don't apply to them."

apparently, this, well... demented person... came within a politically-correct whisker of being appointed to the toronto police services board.

i fear for my country.