21 July 2008

Lead, follow, or...

...get your ass blown outta the water.

Ms. Rice said that instead of a coherent answer, Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili delivered a “meandering” monologue full of irrelevant “small talk about culture” that appeared to annoy many of the others present at the table in Geneva.

“It's time for the Iranians to give a serious answer.”

“They can't go and stall and make small talk about culture, they have to make a decision,” she said. “People are tired of the Iranians and their stalling tactics.”
Hey, Mahmoud... the clock's tickin'.



Anonymous said...

Do the Iranians think they're talking to the lamestream media or something?

Neo Conservative said...

these are the lamebrains who think... despite piles of historical evidence to the contrary... cornering the israelis is a really good idea.