24 July 2008

Well, okay...

...that's a whole different kettle of fish... I had no freakin' idea they were using the cluster-bomb model...

Thank you... oh wonderful, unbiased CBC.



hunter said...

Okay, they should ban the taser, and next time just use their guns, that's what the lefties want, works for me.

Or get more police dogs, but they have really big teeth so I'm not too sure how the lefties would like that. It might interfere with all that "love, peace" stuff.

Neo Conservative said...

the globe, otoh, is going with the grieving mom angle... but, the truth is... this kid was obviously considered disposable by his "so-called family".

AND... i just can't wait for 'canadian cynic' and his faithful sidekick 'red tory'
to march in here and start making idiotic comparisons to cc pissin' all over the grieving mother of a dead canadian soldier.

'cos that's just how they roll.


Anonymous said...

in the past 5 years 22 people have been killed by tasers in this country. how many have been killed by gun fire by police? no one seems to have that number. if four five or six cops can't overpower one kid with a knife then they should go into another line of work.

Sammy said...

I didn't have the stomach to go to the cbc site,but did they happen to mention,or show photo of the smashed out window in the Lexus that this kid was responsible (allegedly) for?? Photo is on the Wpg.Sun site.Why don't the cbc/G&M just come right out with headline,'criminals all good,cops all bad' and be done with it?

OMMAG said...

The shit wits of the MSM think that by demonizing police action they are authoring controversial and cutting edge reporting.

Facts don't matter. Background only confuses the point they wish to make.
Use of ridiculous language and erroneous terminology or purposely misleading is considered to be just good work.

After all they are ALL so much smarter than all of us.

BTW - interesting WV = fokzu

Neo Conservative said...

the teaser for tonight's ctv news... lisa laflamme asks... "was racism a factor"?

where do they get these morons?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said "if four five or six cops can't overpower one kid with a knife then they should go into another line of work."

Umm, they did overpower him. They used a Taser. If you would have rather have had them shoot him with a gun, we would agree. The whole point of using a weapon/tool that shoots an object is that you aren't within reach of someone that has a weapon.

Unless of course, 1 or 2 of the 5 police isn't needed and is disposable. This isn't a computer game. You can't outnumber someone with a weapon that can kill with one slice and expect for everyone to come away unharmed.

Neo Conservative said...

"sheldon says... they did overpower him."

this seemed too obvious a reply at the time... but you know what... it isn't.

there is some collective hippy-freak idea... that, like david carradine in the old kung-fu television series... cops are obligated to go bare-fisted mano a mano with armed criminals.

not so.

there was a young opp officer killed a ways back, just north of here... some guy lunged and stabbed him in the thigh with a knife... it hit his femoral artery and he bled to death before help arrived.

if there hadn't been a taser present and this guy refused to put down the weapon... these officers would have been more than justified in putting a couple rounds of 40 cal. center mass.

the kid called the play... he got what he was asking for.