23 July 2008

What percentage of Ontarians...

...have actually read the Fantino/Brant transcripts... as opposed to all the deadheads who settle for a 30 second soundbite... from someone like talking head Lisa LaFlamme?

Do yourself a favour... and just plow through this one article... and try tell me Julian Fantino did anything wrong...

In quotes taken from OPP transcripts (posted on The Intelligencer's website at www.intelligencer.ca), Fantino warns even natives are turning away from Brant and his theatrics and headline-grabbing protests that do little to advance the legitimate concerns of First Nations people.

Fantino was blunt in his assessment of Brant's activities:

"So, whatever message you've been putting out about children's suicides and poverty and the water," Fantino said in the cellphone exchange, "all that's all gonna be lost in the rhetoric where people are just gonna absolutely despise you and hate you that they're not gonna hear anything you've said about all those wonderful causes you're talking about.

"So, I've talked to enough people now, including a lot of people in the First Nations community ... they are running for the hills because you're bringing them down ... bringing down all the gains that you've made over the years and now (that) the struggle is starting to have some effect, you're destroying that because the message now is gone from a cause to a vengeance -- a vindictive ... Shawn Brant is going to bring Canada to its knees. Well, you're not gonna do it and your cause ... you can speak about children committing suicide all you want because nobody is going to listen to you.

"And, you know I don't wanna get on your bad side, but you're gonna force me to do everything I can within your community and everywhere else to destroy your reputation. I don't wanna do that, I wanna help you deal with the suicides ... I've travelled to reserves ... I know exactly what you're talkin about.

"I've been to Kashechewan and some of those other places there, I've been involved in... so you're talking to someone that's sympathetic here so I'm imploring upon you to call it quits."

"Let's do it now."
Yup... that's some villain.



Anonymous said...

Fantino should have been cracking that thug over the head with his nightstick, it's ridiculous that he negotiated with him. Aboriginals violently set up these blockades, they should be taken out with violence immediately.

JA Goneaux said...

When even the Lying Jackal is supporting a cop over this dork, you know you are very marginal. Of course, Special K is doing it to support a Liberal government (wonder if he'd be so pro-cop if Harris was still running things?).

And, of course, being so marginal means he will need even MORE help from the loony left.

Neo Conservative said...

every aboriginal an absolute angel... according to the star.