24 July 2008

Now you see it... now you don't

It's a Liberal thing...

-- OTTAWA -- When disgraced ad man Jean Lafleur sold his home for $1.5-million in 2005, he gave the money to his lawyer, who shipped it to a financial institution in the tax haven of Liechtenstein.

Mr. Lafleur said he then invested a portion of the funds in China, Costa Rica and Belize, and used the rest to live for two years in Central America.
If these guys were any oilier... they'd be able to slip under the door.
Now, filing for bankruptcy in Montreal this week, Mr. Lafleur says his investments have dried up and he has nothing left to give back to defrauded taxpayers.

In his court filing, Mr. Lafleur argued he cannot discharge the $1.5-million fine that followed his guilty plea last year to 28 charges of fraud, after paying off only $235,000 of the amount.
Yeah... we're shocked.



Anonymous said...

Why is it when the ordinary Joe can't pay a fine, he has to do jail time?

Hands up anybody who thinks this asshole will do a second behind bars?

Anonymous said...

Updated Thu. Jul. 24 2008 11:22 PM ET

The Canadian Press

MONTREAL -- Following his son's example, disgraced formed advertising executive Jean Lafleur has filed for bankruptcy, threatening to leave Ottawa on the hook for more than $7 million.

Lafleur was handed 42-month prison sentence last year and ordered to pay a $1.5-million fine for his role in the sponsorship scandal.

The 67-year-old was recently released from jail, and indicated in court documents that he was unable to pay the fine.

He blamed his financial woes on his "criminal conviction."

Yup - a 42 month sentence served in less than a year. Gotta love that math!


Anonymous said...

Lock him up til he pays us back.

gimbol said...

No, lock him up in general population until he starts giving names.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in knowing how much of the $250,000,000 that Groupaction got for advertising the gun registry (you remember, that little program that was only supposed to cost $85 million total) ended up being kicked back to the LIEberals.

Anonymous said...

This is what jail is for.

Anonymous said...

Scary thing is, even with a conviction and a bankruptcy, he's still a 100-1 shot for a seat in the Senate gets in...

Anonymous said...

er...that should have read "...a seat in the Senate if Dion gets in..."

Tim's is kicking in now.