31 July 2008

CBC unleashes inner Jihadi...

...with screaming headline...

"Afghan father wants revenge for children's deaths."

"If I ever get the chance, I will kill the Canadians," Mohammed said.
Well, revenge... and a pile of cash...
Mohammed described himself as a poor man who only had enough money to pay for the taxi ride to Kandahar and said Canadians should help him out.
No word yet from the CEEB... on whether a payout will preclude ol' Mo following through on his threat.


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Allahbama Joe said...

If you want to make some money in Afghanistan, drive your kids next to a Canadian military convoy, ignore warnings to move away. Then, after your kids are shot, claim your prize money per kid. $500 per boy, $100 per goat, and $50 per girl.

Neo Conservative said...

you're a destitute farmer, transient opium harvester, whatever... with a wife and 2 kids... and instead of using your last dollar on food... you're taking a taxi ride?

what's up with that?


Rob C said...

Give every Canadian soldier in theatre this clowns picture. Tell farmer MO the soldiers know what he looks like and that he really should keep his distance.

Neo Conservative said...

of course, what'll actually happen is he'll get his pile of cash from the canadian taxpayer and be the wealthiest man in the village... until the taliban come and take it away from him.


Anonymous said...

How about Maher Arar , he tried to enter the USA from Tunisia by himself and was refused entry as a Sunni Muslim male Syrian on a Canadian passport that abandoned his wife and kids .

Only the Jihad-friendly Jordan would take him back on a Flight from JFK , from there it was Arab kidnappers with a bounty on him that snapped him up and tortured him before returning Arar to his homeland to face a Military Court as a Draft-Dodger that fled to Canada as a refugee .
Maher's wife claimed he was being tortured in Syria and exploited our media to get him out of his mess before facing a Military trial , once he returned to Canada and discovered that a Judge tossed out his Lawsuit against Jordan , he then got lawyers to launch a lawsuit against us taxpaying godless infidels .

Arar never once gave evidence at the inquiry to prove Torture while in Syria, and I never saw one piece of evidence by others to prove any actual harm to Arar by canada or his homeland of Syria.
He got $12'000'000.00 dollars to settle out of Court because his $400'000'000.00 Dollars Lawsuit didn't have legs but the mere financial Jihad damage to Canadians
for winning the trial was estimated at almost $40'000'000.00 .

Arar and the Whahhabi Sharia law CAIR Canada had pulled a scam on us
to "Allege" harm while knowing that the Liberals and PC media would never want to promote Terrorism and Jihad in Canada by offending people like Mohammad Elmasry or Sheema Khan who both crusaded for Sharia law in Canada and support a Caliphate in Canada
once they calim it for Allah and Islam.

Now I see the same 3 weasel-buddies of Arar want a similar Cash-4-Life Jihad deal from us Taxpayers for Alleged
harm caused by their Globe-trotting wonderlust to visit alleged Al-Qaeda members being watched by the RCMP and FBI .