31 July 2008

It's a start...

...as Fiberals try to firm up their non-existent "tough on crime" credentials...

Kicking trouble-making tenants out of public housing could get a lot easier if the province embraces landmark private member's legislation coming this fall, but whether Toronto Community Housing will embrace the measure isn't clear.

Under the proposed legislation, tenants tired of neighbours dealing crack, hiding guns or prostituting could complain to a provincial investigator, who could evict the tenant or close the property -- faster than current provincial legislation allows.
And how does Toronto Community Housing respond?
"(SCAN) legislation may lead to further stigmatization of Toronto Community Housing as a consequence of the potential for an increase in negative media coverage."
You do have to ask who exactly is being stigmatized...
Councillor Michael Thompson said more than 50% of all murders in Toronto over the past several years have happened on or near TCH property.

Over the last five years, TCH has initiated 50-gun related eviction proceedings. Six of those tenants have been evicted; 12 left voluntarily; 14 were settlements; five were appealed; six are pending; one was dismissed, and six were withdrawn or not filed.
Sorry, folks... a little difficult to sympathise here.

Use a gun, you're done.



optimus2861 said...

Laws like this sound great, but they stink of lack of due process. Someone can be evicted from their home through a judicial process without even being convicted of a crime? That ought to be anathema to a free society.

Rose said...

Can you image how a law abiding resident of housing must feel? Held hostage by violent filthy scum and what does their leaders do expose them to violent filthy scum daily. God forbid the if criminal element were kicked to the curb thus ensuring those that are law abiding have a quality of life. Also if the criminal trash is tossed out young males would lose a negative role model.

Leftard ideology leaves my head hurting, do any of them have a fucking modicum of common sense?

Sorry Neo for the profanity but honestly, stupid is as stupid does and Toronto is lead by the village idiots.

Neo Conservative said...

"optimus says... someone can be evicted from their home"

no... that's not the case at all.

more like some drug-dealin' welfare scummer who gets caught with a gun can be turfed from his totally taxpayer-funded crib.

i can live with that... and more importantly... so can his neighbours.


unlimitedNRG said...

Where do you get the impression that someone can just be arbitrarily evicted without having convicted a crime.
Believe you me, if neighbours are taking it to the Province to do some thing about a specific individual, the reasons will be warranted. It will certainly not be about someone's dog barking.

Neo Conservative said...

"It will certainly not be about someone's dog barking."

yup... it specifically states that this is about guns, drugs and prostitution.