05 April 2008

Unlike that perfectly nice organic...

Heroin that we've come to know and love...

With eight people taken to hospital over the past eight days and already one possible death, police issued a warning Saturday about an extremely dangerous batch of heroin currently out on the streets.

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You wanna kill yourselves -- fine. Maybe, though... you could leave the rest of us out of it.
Police in New Waterford, N.S., are alerting the public after dozens of dirty hypodermic needles have been found fixed to park benches.

Many of the needles have been positioned so that they stick straight up from the bench seats, waiting to poke someone who decides to sit down.
Yup... just gimme some more of that 'harm reduction'.


LAST WORD: Save us... oh, wonderful government
"Regina hands out 2.3 million needles ... I'll say it slowly ... 2.3 - million in a city of under 200,000."

"Build it and they will come."


Honey Pot said...

Are they hinting that needle users are not responsible?

That is what happens when you give out free needles, they just throw the old ones in the sand box at the park, and go get a new one.

Harm reduction? I think not. If they had looked into the drug culture, the first thing they would have realized is that the sharing of needles is a big part of it. It is a bonding ritual amongst junkies.

There is no such thing as a responsible healthy junkie, and trying to make that happen, is stupid.

Neo Conservative said...

well... steffi and the fiberals would beg to disagree.

vote fiberal... for government sponsored 'shooting galleries' in major cities across canada.

btw... steffi and taliban jack also want to sit down and negotiate with these guys.


Anonymous said...

Is there a NON dangerous heroin?
Who knew?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon asks... Is there a NON dangerous heroin?"

oh, sure... there has to be.

otherwise they couldn't have those wonderful "SAFE-injection" sites.

and what parent, upon finding out that their kid shoots junk, wouldn't be thrilled they were a responsible i.v. drug user?

"yeah, honey... we're fine with it... just stay away from the dangerous stuff... and make sure you sterilise that needle thoroughly."


Anonymous said...

..."and from now on let the guvamint take care of you"...