29 April 2008

Let the Liberals...

Take over rescuing Ms. Congeniality... and the federal government can go back to looking after the other thousand Canadians imprisoned abroad...

"It's a process than can take nine months if both sides agree, yet Ms. Martin could set a record for speedy departures if she's released this week. Not good enough, fumed Ms. Martin after a meeting with two MPs, the Canadian ambassador and a few embassy officials."

"She wants a flight home now, wants to be spared the standard handcuffing while in transit and wants parole upon landing."
Let's not forget, the Canadian government also paid her court imposed fine and you know... sure as the sun rises in the east... she's gonna be suing the government... as soon as her Beauty Queen feet hit Canadian soil.


FROM THE COMMENTS: Talk about the "kiss of death"
"perhaps martin is innocent and has every right to be pissed at the ass clowns in ottawa who hung her out to dry."
Well, Jeffy... I'm sure she'll be happy to have your unequivocal support.

BTW... how's that "problem-drinking thing" coming along?


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According to the U.S. State Department, Mr. Abdelrazik was “closely associated with Abu Zubaydah, Osama bin Laden's lieutenant responsible for recruiting and for al-Qaeda's network of training camps in Afghanistan.”


Anonymous said...

The flight carrying her back could crash leaving her as the only casualty. Of course it won't happen, but isn't it nice to dream...

Jeff said...

since you're an expert on the mexican justice system, i guess we peasants will accept your declaration that martin is guilty.

what's that you say? you know sweet fuck all about mexican justice? well then, perhaps martin is innocent and has every right to be pissed at the ass clowns in ottawa who hung her out to dry.

martin may have been passing time in a prison beauty pageant but it was helena guergis who was wasting taxpayers money getting gunned on her mexican vacation.

Anonymous said...

Jeffy's right! Harper is all talk. Why didn't we invade Mexico and save her? I expect nothing less if I'm ever in a foreign jail. I can't be guilty, I AM CANADIAN!

Neo Conservative said...

oh, jeffy... you fell off the wagon.

that's so sad.


burpnrun said...

So much for "action" by her "supporters" and mouths. Neither they nor mealy-mouthing Liberals like McTeague have offered one cent from their own principled pockets to pay for or defray the $3,500 fine, one element deterring her release.

As usual, it falls to the public purse to get her out of jail.

And let's not forget that, in the absence of any hard facts by her "supporters", a Mexican court convicted her. So withdraw into your taxpayer-funded cave, Davidson, and accept the fact that she's been declared guilty, notwithstanding *your* "expertness" on the Mexican justice sytem.

Or perhaps you have some countervailing proof? No, I thought not. Just an idle, public-funding outstretched hand.

Anonymous said...

So, Jeff is still a complete idiot. I see the world hasn't changed.

I don't know if she's guilty or innocent, and really couldn't care less. I don't know that much about the Mexican justice system, and again, I really don't care. It's not relevant.

If you set foot outside of Canada's borders, you're on your own. Period. You follow the rules of the country you're in, and you live with the consequences.

I'm also pissed about Ottawa. Not because they hung Ms. Martin out to dry, as idiots like Jeffy like to call it, but because they gave her any attention at all. My tax dollars are being wasted on this self-righteous bitch who feel that Canada somehow owes her something.

Want to be protected by the laws of Canada? Then ##$%@% stay in Canada!

caz said...

Jeff, honestly...give it up. As Burpnrun said "Just an idle, public-funding outstretched hand.
Like a good Liberal bitch. I agree that she probably WILL sue the government. I pray for her if she does cuz frankly what I'm hearing out there is not favorable of her incessant whining and crying. I think we should have some survivors from the concentration camps in Poland, Romania and Germany give her a few tips on survival. They were a million times stronger and more resilient than she'll ever be. Disgusting!