25 April 2008

Ask a Toronto Taliban

Okay... has anybody got the phone number for CSIS handy?

-- Q -- You reject democracy, you support the Taliban and you believe that fundamentalist Islam is the only way to live.

So why do you choose to live in Canada, a democratic nation with freedom of religion that is at war with the Taliban?

Isn't it hypocritical to say you believe what you do, while you sit in Toronto enjoying all the benefits of Western society?
Apparently not.

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Dave Hodson said...

Toronto Taliban? Do you mean that's really Jack Layton hiding behind that scarf!

Neo Conservative said...

nah, that's not jacko... he's actually got this other gig.


maryT said...

Has anyone ever done a side by side of the video professor and Jack Layton.

Johnathon said...

If I ever see this terrorist I will make sure to punch his head in so noone can identify him.

This guy is a gutless puke, and I would love to get my hands around his neck.

Anonymous said...

I tired to report something odd in my neighbourhood dealing with a possible Jihad smuggling scam by a local "Refugee" centre , but CSIS said I had an Immigration issue for the RCMP because they only handle Terrorism threats or after the terrorism act is done .
I phoned arouond and got people claiming it's the job of another department because it was a Border issue with brining illegals in , then back to CSIS that then told me that there is no such thing as refugee-smuggling because anyone can enter Canada as a visitor and make a claim on our Soil at any of the Offices .

Basically we pay high taxes for layers upon layers of people who only act after your dead from a terrorist and they merely confirm it was a terrorism act which we all knew befor the Inquiry.
The Toronto police won't go near Immigration issues and the RCMP has no interest in Policing our Streets , yet a CSIS office is on Front St in Toronto and just sits back because the SCOC orders them to respect privacy and Rights since even a terrorist FOB has the Right to be innocent until proven the bomb went off.
Al Qaeda kn ows this and so do ever Islamist based Mosque in canada.

RightGirl said...

Anon, just tip the FBI. Yeah yeah, I know - jurisdiction. But watch how damn quick the RCMP start paying attention when the get a call from the FBI. That's how I do it.


Neo Conservative said...

"rg says... just tip the FBI"

interesting... never thought of that one.


Anonymous said...

Typical cowardly Muslim. Muslim men talk big and then hide behind the skirts of their women, a bunch of pathetic losers.