25 April 2008

New "improved" Bob Rae

Yeah... I remember how he fixed Ontario...

What Rae is saying (if one is generous) is that no matter how despicable China's record of abusing its own people, of killing its own citizens, of harvesting the organs of dissidents for sale to rich foreigners, and its continued abuse of minorities, we shouldn't say so because the Chinese might not like it and might not buy our natural resources.

Bunk, of course, but that's the socialist mind-set of people who think like Bob Rae, and who want him to replace Stephane Dion as Liberal leader.

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Sources said the RCMP is hoping to go higher up the Liberal hierarchy than Mr. Corbeil, the former director-general of the Liberal Party's Quebec wing, who is accused of taking a bribe from a businessman and defrauding the party.

Another source said the RCMP is hoping to obtain more information on the inner workings of the party in coming months.

"If everything goes well, a bunch of people could spill the beans at the same time."


Anonymous said...

You often speak in quite an authoritative fashion about China.

How many years did you spend over there to know it so well?

Reason I ask is that I sopend a lot of time overt there and have over the past 10 years. I find many problems, but have seen tremendous progress. I talk frequently with normal everyday people and while they want to see change, they prefer the incremental approach that is being taken, and are by and large very happy.

Youu obviously go there frequently yourself - what regions and what are the greatest changes you have seen over the past 10 years?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... You often speak in quite an authoritative fashion about China."

au contraire, mr. pink... but i do often quote media sources and writers like jan wong... who lived and worked there for extended periods of time.

it was jan wong, for instance, who chronicles the thousands of people slaughtered in tiananmen square...

"Like lots of resident Western journalists, my phone had been tapped, my mail opened. The secret police tailed me, interrogated my sources and sometimes arrested them."

you really think she's lying?

and what about the state-sanctioned practice of "retailing" baby girls? you're good with that, are you?

but, hey... what's another repressive communist regime to the benighted leftosphere, huh?

no big deal... as long as we continue to get our cheap plastic lawn furniture.

pathetic & disgusting..


Anonymous said...

'Bob Rae' - lol, lol, lol....

Apologists for brutality and murder are almost as disgusting as the Chinese killers themselves. Ignorant savages.