21 April 2008

Will Oba-mania be enough?

Hey, it worked for Saint Pierre...

The crowd of a couple thousand in the Reading High School gymnasium probably didn't take note of Obama's little slip about the GOP nominee. They seemed incapable of seeing any flaws in the man. Even by Obama standards, they were frenzied.

Sometimes a passage of the speech that might not seem that exciting would cause a member of the crowd to stand up and wave and flap his arms like he'd been called to be a contestant on The Price Is Right.
That comparing yourself to JFK thing... that might be gettin' a little stale...
The Obama pitch has been remarkably consistent over the months. Without notes, he can now produce it with very little deviation from stop to stop.

Depending on how he does in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, he may finally get a chance to write a new speech.
Go Barry.