28 April 2008

Affirmative Action... here I come

I don't know about you... but I'm looking forward to becoming a visible minority...

-- OTTAWA -- The identity of Canadians is diversifying so quickly that at the current rate the majority of the country's residents will be hyphenated Canadians by 2021, a new study by a Montreal researcher predicts.

While only seven million Canadians listed multiple ancestries in 1986, that figure has steadily risen from census to census. In the latest census conducted in 2006 that number jumped to 12.9 million, Jedwab found.
Yeah... that whole "being a Canadian" thing... is so "last century" anyway.
"At this rhythm, by 2021, on the basis of the question on ethnicity, the majority of Canadians will be "hyphenated" -- that is to say they will be reporting more than one ethnic background," he wrote.

"The analysis shows that any attempt by government to strive toward a common identity for all Canadians is "an illusory course."
Man... that'll really screw with the NDP.


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LAST WORD: Tom Kent on culture & immigration
"Most of us are proud to belong to a nation that welcomes diverse peoples and accepts many cultures. But present law permits, even encourages, confusion of loyalties and plurality of citizenship."

"The sense of a Canadian identity is increasingly diluted."

"It need not be."


Rose said...

I can't absorb anymore leftard nonsensical doctorine, really I can't. Why is your parentage important, if you are Canadian you are Canadian. Jebus these tards are starting to remind me of the Candian Kennel Club, will we be issued papers to prove our heritage? What will the leftards do to the pure breeds? Will Canadian males be required to drop their pants and show they still have balls to qualify for a Goberment job?

Can't anyone make these scary people go away, to Saudi Arabia or China. Those countries espouse the leftard ideology already, why spread the STD of Marxism in Canada just move-leave-piss off-pluck off-bye bye. Oh and STFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

P.S. Mac when I read your blog I wanna cry and scream and beat people with my rolling pin. Please post a happy leftard story, perhaps where they embrace Canadian Culture and democracy. Try lad try and find me something to ease the rage that's growing daily. I can't take their stupidity anymore.

Neo Conservative said...

hmmm, call me wacky... but how about we treat everybody the same... no more special status for anyone.

one people... one law.


Anonymous said...

Dual citizenship should be eliminated.