26 April 2008

More Deseronto from local paper

If you live here in Ontario... you should thank your lucky stars... these people aren't your neighbours...

As Barnhart was meeting with reporters, OPP Staff Sgt. Steve Flynn informed the Mohawks if they remained on Deseronto Road they would be arrested. He advised them to return to the quarry or be charged and taken into custody.

"If you stay here you'll be arrested. If you go back to the quarry you'll have sanctuary," Flynn said.

Flynn's comments led many Mohawks making their way slowly toward the quarry, though some remained behind and hollered at the approximately 20 officers gathered at the intersection of Deseronto Road and Bridge Street.
And what sort of sociopaths feel entitled to threaten other people, never mind police officers, like this...
"I can't guarantee your officers safety if they come on Mohawk land," one protester said. As one woman walked past the officers, north to where her vehicle had been left parked, she looked toward police and said, "Get your guns ready."
Happy jihad... you freaks.



Brian said...

McGuinty spent $19 million attempting to frame Mike Harris for the Dudley George shooting , and the result of the Ipperwash inquiry only embolden the radicals in Caledonia and now Deseronto.

Both the Federal and Provincial governments will need to show some resolve , which will probably lead to violence in the radical Indian community , but until ONE rule of law for all citizens is re-established things will only get worse.

In a way it is poetic justice that Caledonia and now Deseronto is occurring under McGuinty's watch.

Neo Conservative said...

one people... one law.