25 April 2008

Riding the d'uh train

Hey, Gomer... they catch you handin' out syringes, or crackpipes... in this neck of the woods... somebody's gonna hand you your ass...

"I just don't think it's helping," said RCMP Chief Supt. Derek Ogden, director general for drugs and organized crime.

"If you're just experimenting with cocaine and people are handing out crack pipes at will, really I think it sends the wrong message, and could actually encourage the rate of crack cocaine use in the community."
Screw rehab... we'll just make sure it's a nice clean habit...
Both former police chief Vince Bevan and Mayor Larry O'Brien have spoken out against the program, suggesting it promotes illegal drug use while doing nothing to provide help to addicts.

"Giving out loot bags of crack pipe packages to facilitate the use of a tool that can lead people to this lifestyle is not appropriate," O'Brien has said.

"It's foolishness."


orvict said...

Just say your brother has a crack habit. Just say.
would you keep him in your home, make sure he has clean needles or a crack pipe. Why stop there, why not supply his drugs.

If you cared about your brother, those would be the last things you would do.

why should society be set up to enable destructive behavior.

Neo Conservative said...

i ever catch somebody tryin' to sell my kid junk... i'll break both his thumbs... slowly.