30 April 2008

Memo to David Miller

I think we're gonna need a knife ban too.

-- BRAMPTON, Ont. -- A gruesome multiple stabbing at a Brampton strip mall early this afternoon has left two people dead, including a bystander who tried to intervene in what police believe was a domestic dispute.

Both the woman and the Good Samaritan died at the plaza, which was quickly flooded with police cruisers and emergency vehicles and cordoned off with yellow tape.
So some poor brave soul tries to intervene in a domestic dispute... and ends up paying for it with his life.
Habib Syed, who works at the nearby Bestway Food Market, witnessed part of yesterday's violence and recounted seeing a black man try to stab himself in the neck with a bloody knife before slumping to the ground, shouting, ‘My wife is dead. my wife is dead.'

Pizza maker Amarik Mangar also saw some of the fight and described the slain woman as white and heavy-set. The passerby was also white, witnesses said.
Funny... no farmers, hunters or target shooters involved in this one either.


UPDATE: And late Wednesday... another one
A 47-year-old Toronto man is dead after being stabbed in his west end home late last night.

Police were called to the Keele St. and Junction Rd. area, just north of Dundas St. W., shortly before midnight where they discovered a man suffering obvious signs of trauma.

He had been stabbed several times, and although he was rushed to hospital, he succumbed to his injuries a short time later.

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It won't bring Jonathan Chambers back... but it's something...
A year-long OPP investigation has led to the arrests of four men in connection with the kidnapping and murder of a Markham man who was executed near Barrie.

Tafari Williams, 28, of Brampton, Terrance Walker, 27, of Toronto, and Gregory Millar, 31, of Mississauga, each face a charge of first degree murder. Andrew Turner, 30, of Brampton, is charged with conspiracy to kidnap.

Police continue to hunt for two other men believed to be connected with the slaying. They have obtained arrest warrants for Lenworth Anthony Spence, 28, of no fixed address, and Robert Henry, 30, of Brampton.


Anonymous said...

The problem with dickheads like Miller is this; you cannot have a world without guns because police need them, hunters need them, and god only knows what will come from outer space someday. In Miller's world, we all love each other, but of course in Miller's world everybody has a union job or works for the government too. This is NOT reality. (real conservative)