25 April 2008

Deseronto... the guns come out

It's past time to shut these sociopaths down.

-- DESERONTO, Ont. -- Mohawk protesters and provincial police officers were involved in a tense standoff in Deseronto, Ont., on Friday after officers said they spotted at least one gun among the demonstrators.

Police say they spotted a ‘long gun' being pointed at them from a location inside an occupied quarry, which protesters have controlled since March, 2007.

An order was issued to all police personnel on the scene to take cover, and guns were drawn by officers crouching behind their vehicles, but no shots were fired.
Spokes-native Jason Maracle is apparently threatening another Oka...
“We're not moving anywhere,” he said. "I guess if they want another 1990 scene, then OK, I guess we'll have one.”

A Quebec provincial police officer was shot and killed when a SWAT team stormed the barricade.
It's the sort of thing only aboriginals can get away with in Canada.

Don't believe me? Try this experiment some time yourself... occupy someone else's property by force... and then point a rifle at some cops... see if the local SWAT Team doesn't drop you like a crazy ex-girlfriend.
Earlier in the day, half a dozen protesters were arrested, including Shawn Brant, who led a protest last June on the aboriginal national day of action.

Also arrested was Dan Doreen, the leader of a group that erected a blockade Sunday on Deseronto's main road.
Okay... that's a start.


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LAST WORD: Globe & Mail wusses out
Eighteen comments and the Globe shuts off the tap. That free speech thing is apparently just too scary.
Of course, that still beats the CBC. They have polygamy, polar bears and police corruption... but as of midnight Friday... not a word on Deseronto.



Anonymous said...

They want another Dudley George.

Mike said...

They want another Oka ?


Broadcast Date: Sept. 1, 1990
It's a scene of hysteria, pandemonium and high tension as more than 2,500 soldiers descend upon Oka. People prepare for the worst as the army advances to the main barricade at the edge of the sacred Mohawk territory. Images of tanks and soldiers in full combat fatigue fill TV screens. A dramatic stare-off between a Canadian soldier and a Mohawk warrior known as Lasagna comes to symbolize the gulf between the two sides. (Warning: contains explicit language.)

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... They want another Dudley George."

they should be careful what they wish for.

the cops have learned a few things from ipperwash and oka... and if they have to do it again... they'll come harder and faster than they did before.


Anonymous said...

News is too hard to report for the CBC, it's just Liberal infotainment.

Anonymous said...

I wish that were true Neo Con, but if they really learned all that from Ipperwash and OKA they would have "come harder and faster" 2 years ago at DCE. We all know what happened there. Like 6 year olds they poked the hornets nest with a stick then ran, and have been hiding in the bushes since.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Like 6 year olds they poked the hornets nest with a stick then ran..."

so, you really can't see any connection between the mcslippery government beatification of st dudley... plus their ongoing fuzzy-bunny sucking up to homegrown terror and a certain amount of caution by fantino?

ask shawn brant and dan doreen... when they make bail.