29 April 2008

"I hope Steyn takes the letter..."

"...crumbles it up and dips it in a cup of ketchup and then eats it right there on stage in front of them."

"Oh God, hear my prayer, please let this happen."
Even the collateral damage is pretty pleasing.
...and generally served to marginalize the pro-censorship lobby to the point that its main defender is now a disgruntled former journalist who fills his blog with unhinged conspiracy theories about how everyone who favours free speech is a racist.
Ooooh... that's gonna leave a mark.


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Hey, buddy... you may wanna steer clear of this place for a little while.
A Montreal gay bar, Bar Le Stud, told a woman named Audrey Vachon that she wasn't allowed in -- it was a men-only establishment, and had been happily operating that way for eleven years.

Then the human rights commissions got involved, and Bar Le Stud has copped a plea bargain.

Misguided gay rights activists -- like Darren Lund, and even Richard Warman -- have used the bludgeon of human rights commissions to batter down the real rights of others. But they have laid down precedents that, in this case at least, are being used against gays.


Honey Pot said...

Kinswillsueya will be fit to be tied. Just how many people can he sue?

The funny thing is many think Warren and Warman are both Lucy.

To be tied to that as the defenders of free speech publicly gut the star chambers, is not going to be something easily shook off.

jckirlan said...

Kinsella has destroyed his reputation so I hope his little punk band is able to pay the bills.
As for Warren and Warman being tied together and called Lucy, well one look at either and that is obvious.

Anonymous said...

Everyone...go to this vid linked off barrel strength ... http://www.barrelstrength.com/2008/04/29/last-days-of-the-chrc/

The HRC as Nazis...pricelss

Anonymous said...

...sorry you'll have to copy both and paste...waaaay worth it