23 April 2008

It was June 6, 1944...

And all up and down the fearsome "Atlantic Wall"... Field Marshal Rommel's stunned troopers sat down in their trenches and cried... "Ach du liebe, Hans... are they allowed to do that?"

-- DESERONTO, ON -- Many of the protesters, including spokesman Dan Doreen, were visibly upset after encountering such a strong show of manpower by OPP, whom Doreen said appeared to "want to fight."

Doreen decried the use of OPP "SWAT teams" and said the demonstration was "not a fight with the OPP, but it is a fight with Mr. Nibourg and ... for him to stay off our goddamn land."

"I want every developer ... that plans to develop in Deseronto to stay the hell out or we're going to go through this again and again and again and again until it's done," he said in an interview with Quinte Broadcasting.

"We're sick and tired of having to come down to Deseronto every week and protect our land. We're sick of it."
Well, Danny... maybe you should call 1-800-CRY-BABY.

'Cos you've pretty much used up all our sympathy this week.



James Goneaux said...

Alternative World headline:

Native leaders are calling for in inquiry as to why the OPP did not have enough manpower to stop a peaceful protest from becoming violent.

According to reports, the OPP sent only two officers, an office clerk and the guy who normally gets the coffee.

Native leaders allege this was done to provoke them.

John Manygrants, one of 200 spokesmen for the 200 member Seizure Militia, says that the OPP was just asking for trouble.

"We barely touched them and they started to bleed", said Manygrants....

Anonymous said...

Actually Dan is a misguided individual. Land claims are based on treaties between the Crown and Indian people and were the instruments that accomodated the settlement of Canada. It's not a racial thing as some people try to make it out to be.
Voice of Reason

Neo Conservative said...

well, the fact is, this wily culbertson guy who supposedly ripped off the land... is a grandson of the mohawk chief who received a huge land grant from the crown.

irony, huh?