22 April 2008

Who's zoomin' who?

It's nice to be noticed... I think...



Rose said...

Since the Privy Counsil is dropping in for a visit perhaps I might be allowed to ask them a question?

Why is it taking so long to confirm the identity of the person at the HRC who apparently stole the digital IP addy of an innocent woman. Shirly the bureaurats can get an honest answer in two weeks. Why the delay in answering the publics' question, who stole that IP address?

Why are paid civie servants spying on bloggers? Don't have a real job to do? Why are you apparently stalking Conservative Bloggers?

Neo Conservative said...

rose... i'm not worried about the pco... they're likely just keeping their finger on the pulse of the blogosphere.

of course, barbara hall and the pinko thought police are another matter entirely.


Anonymous said...

They are at work...so it must be important guvamint business.

BAD...Blogger Assessment Department
Internet Assault Management Service
Government Observing Dissing of Socialism

Honey Pot said...

If you want to get a good feel about what Canadians are thinking about,and discussing, you look no further than the blogs.

Only a fool in a position of power, would ignore what the thinking people are concerned about. It is one thing to gather your information from the msm, who pretend to speak for the people, and another to actually listen to the people.

The right blogs brought the liberals down, and by the looks of it, the right blogs have no intention of letting them up.

Only a fool would ignore that.

If you look at the left blogs, they have little or no influence. If you look at the right blogs, they are going gangbusters, to get their message out.

The left can't do that using interaction on the blogs. Fluff only works when it is one-sided. The left counted on the msm to put their fluff out there, without question. Those days are over thanks to the internet and right blogs.

Neo Conservative said...

just think about it... it's cheaper and way more informative than all of that bullshit push-poll stuff they've been doing in the past.